Have you noticed how many male students in the social faculty have suddenly grown a moustache? This has nothing to do with the cold weather we are expecting, but with the month of November. Because Movember is back, an annual event which draws attention to prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s health in general.

Cedo Nulli, the student association of the Faculty of Social Sciences, is hoping to raise as much money as possible for charity this year too. Last year, the activity mainly targeted male members, but this year women members can also take part, says Kim Kentin (21), secretary of the student association and student of psychology in daily life. “Last year, men were sponsored to grow a moustache. This year we are also organising activities for everyone to get involved in.” So for a couple of euros, students could take part in a Tai Chi class on Monday, a boot camp class on Wednesday and this afternoon there’s a football match.

Aiming higher

Last year, the association raised 375 euros. This year, the club wants to raise 500 euros, says Kentin. “We’ve already reached 345 euros and that’s not including the money raised during sports week. Sports week is going really well, so there should be quite a bit more money coming in.”

The football match may mark the end of sports week, but that doesn’t mean that generous donors can’t still reach into their pockets. On the website, you can find all the current activities of Cedo Nulli which you can still sponsor.


The proceeds are going to the Movember Foundation, which will use the money to promote male health.