Rotterdam’s Stadhuisplein is a spot where you wouldn’t want to be caught dead. All right, then, maybe once in a while, at 3am, after a long night on the booze. However, since last Thursday it is socially acceptable to visit the ever-so-ugly party square, because there’s a new place in town, called HOF.

Nope, it’s not a party joint for once, but rather a pop-up place run by three young locals with excellent taste. The front of the place will be turned into a pub with fish, while the back will host a shop run by young designers and entrepreneurs.

‘Through HOF, we wish to offer a wide range of activities,’ said HOF founder Daniel Verschoor. ‘For instance, we’re going to put on a classical concert, but also a roller disco. In addition, on Wednesday evenings people will be able to eat their own meals here, in keeping with the bring-your-own-food principle, and we’ll be showing films on Monday nights.’ The place also has an exhibition room, and on Sundays yoga classes will be taught. On Sunday afternoons you will even be able to have your bike fixed on the cheap by a bicycle mender who is a friend of the founders.

So is there anything you won’t be able to do here over the next few weeks? Such as, say, party? Well, HOF does have a basement, but that’s all I’m going to tell you. The three lads will be leaving the place at the end of October. Until that time, keep an eye on their Facebook page!