Apart from topics such as international security, the pension system and the extension of paternity leave, King Willem-Alexander also focused during the King’s Speech on the importance of investing in higher education.

During his Speech, the King emphasised that universities and universities of applied sciences would be getting an additional four thousand lecturers and several hundred researchers with an educational task. “For students this means a great deal more personal attention, more intensive supervision and a better transition into the labour market,” he said.

The money raised due to the abolition of the basic student grant for new students will be used to pay the additional lecturers. The desire for additional lecturers and researchers was already well known.

Science Agenda

Furthermore, the King mentioned the Dutch National Science Agenda that will be presented in the autumn. “This will not only boost the international position of our universities, but also the innovative and competitive strength of our industrial and other knowledge-intensive sectors.”

King Willem-Alexander mainly talked about the gradual recovery of the economy and the investments that the Dutch Cabinet will be able to make during the coming year. Reference was also made to tensions abroad and the flow of refugees into Europe.

In the King’s Speech, King Willem-Alexander promises more attention, more lecturers and more researchers in education.