RSM recently changed the admittance criteria for their Masters. Even students holding a RSM bachelor are now required to have a GPA of at least 7.0 to get in. What do EUR students think of this?

Ronny de Jong, 19 years, from the Netherlands. Studies both Economics and Law.

I think it’s a good move to introduce a 7.0 grade average barrier. Many people who just manage to get a bachelor’s degree at RSM are really struggling with the Master’s afterwards. But with a higher barrier you will get better Master students. People who are able to get a 6.0 are in my opinion also capable of getting a 7.0 with just a little bit more effort. And the students who can not reach that goal will probably face difficulties with handling the Master’s program anyway. Actually, I think this regulation would make sense for all Masters at EUR.

Lily Jiang, 21 years, from Canada. Exchange student in Communication and Media.

I think it is a fair move. Firstly, it makes the program more prestigious. Secondly, people are going to work harder to get in, which would result in better students. RSM also is a well renowned faculty, where it probably requires quite some skills to handle the tasks at hand. A 7.0 GPA would tie into that.

I am an exchange student and study Global Business and Digital Art in Canada. In my program I have to maintain a 7.5 average to stay in. In that sense the reform seems to make RSM more compliant with international standards of grade average.

Jennifer Griekspoor, 22 years old, from the Netherlands. Studies Pedagogical Sciences.

I do not think that this is a fair move. During your studies there can be a lot of factors, influencing your performance as a student. This can be personal or family issues, which does not mean that you are a bad student after all. 6.0 is okay, but 7.0 is too much.

The motivation behind this move seems to be making the study at RSM more prestigious. I get that, but you also have to ask: What do you want? More prestige or good professionals? For me the answer is pretty obvious.