The new EM is out! Just in time for Summer, EM brings you an inflight magazine, an XL edition packed with stories about flying.

But, unlike the regular in-flight magazines, sometimes things in this edition of EM go wrong, because flying is – at least according to some – not nice. Others have a fear of flying, or like to reminisce about the 80s, when catching planes was only done by the elite. Or maybe you’d rather hear about the risks – everything from SARS to sleep deprivation.

For the students who can’t afford plane tickets this Summer, #15 is still for you! Read about special holiday jobs of other students, or how you could travel for free throughout Italy and the Balkans.

Rotterdam, and the Erasmus University, is also a destination for our large international community, where do they come from? See the map!

In this special edition of EM, all sections, just like in a real in-flight magazine, have been printed in both Dutch and English.

Read it online, or pick it up on Thursday on campus! (.pdf version)