Jack Vromen, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, wishes to add a student member to the existing core team responsible for overseeing the reorganisation of the faculty. Vromen made this wish known on Monday morning during the Faculty Advisory Board meeting.

Student Maria Brederode had argued in favour of including a student member. Vromen now supports the idea, even though he had previously decided against the addition of a student. As he explained, “A reorganisation process involves all kinds of bodies. Some committees have student members and some don’t. I wanted to keep the core team as small as possible to ensure decisiveness.”

He went on to state that ‘we are now entering a different phase of the reorganisation process and it is therefore important to take the perspectives of students into account.’

Greater transparency

Brederode said that she is ‘delighted’ with the dean’s decision. “This is the start of greater transparency at the faculty. It would be wrong to include students in decision-making only at the last moment, so adding a student member to the core team would definitely be a step in the right direction. It may also generate more support among students.”

Vromen will present his proposal to the core team on Tuesday, which will then decide whether or not it does indeed wish to include a student member. If the proposal is accepted, the Faculty Advisory Board will consider and determine how a student member is to be appointed.

Students of the faculty, including Brederode, have united under the name Philosophy Ground. They are in favour of maintaining an independent faculty and a full-time degree programme. ES