The Bright future section of the International Film Festival Rotterdam features the up and coming directors from all over the world. As a part of this programme, two French films Un Jeune Poete and a short Une petite blonde are screened jointly to paint a picture of the youth.

In utter disbelief at the number of people at the screening, the young directors started snapping pictures with their iPhones as soon as they entered the cinema hall. I smiled at their raised eyebrows, but I was soon to find out that there was indeed something to be surprised at.

In a ten-minute Une Petite blonde, a fair-skinned French girl Angelique has trouble getting accepted among immigrant teenagers in Marcel, while Un Jeune Poete tells a story of aspiring poet Remi, who seeks inspiration in a small fishermen village.

Russian roulette

Now, the best thing about festivals is diversity. The worst? Diversity. Choosing a film is like rolling a dice and there is as many chances to be disappointed as to be amazed. The star-to-be sections are a bit different, though. Here you are playing a Russian roulette, surrendering to the programmemaker’s taste and idea of the future.

This time, I got a bullet. Un Jeune Poete ended up being outstandingly dull. Pale fellow trying to get a few rhymes together and all the clichés about exhausted artist awkwardly stitched together. Despite the breathtaking sea and cerulean skies of Southern France at the backdrop, I craved going out into the rainy gloom of Rotterdam after ten minutes. KS

2/5: perhaps, they will be bright. In the future.