EUR has always been active in recruiting students to help out in the city on different occasions. This time Erasmus 4 Rotterdam and the IFFR crew joined forces to get some volunteers to work at the event. Ibrahim Alaoui Chrifi (26), Master student Social Sciences, gives his insider’s perspective on the festival.

Getting started

“I actually found out about the opportunity to volunteer by accident. I was walking around the Campus and just saw an ad from IFFR on the window of one of the buildings. I visit the festival every year, but I usually came only to see movies. So I signed up on the website and got invited for an interview with three other students. The coordinators wanted to meet us and discuss our expectations, because there were different positions available. Good thing is that there were no special requirements, just be flexible and available.”

A Friday night bootcamp

“I am working at the doors as part of a service team. So if a ticket does not work, I have to pick people out of the line and see how I can help. My first shift was on the first Friday night and everything was sold out. It was incredibly hectic, but I wanted it to last forever. I enjoyed helping out, especially when there is a huge line and everyone just wants to get in, people become really impatient if someone gets stuck.”

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Costs and benefits

“Since I am going from door to door it depends on what’s next, but sometimes I manage to watch the whole movie. This doesn’t usually happen, though, because the screening schedule is quite tight, but I can still have a sneak peek. I got seven free tickets, for each day of work. Actually, if I could work during the entire festival, I would get an unlimited pass. However, I didn’t want the work to interfere with my studies. So I had to reserve some time between the shifts to go to classes and do my assignments. It’s been working quite well and I think I will volunteer again next year.” KS