Skadi rower Maaike Head earned a gold medal at the World Rowing Championships in Amsterdam. The Dutch LW4x were definitely the best team on Friday.

Together with Ilse Paulis, Lisa Wörner and Mirte Kraaijkamp, Head achieved a new world record at 6.15.95. She was also rowing in the winning boat during last year’s World Rowing Championships in South Korea, in which another Skadi rower, Rianne Sigmond, took part as well.

Another five Skadi members participated in the World Rowing Championships last week. Janneke van der Meulen won the B finals in the W4-, while Thijs van Luijk (2x) and Meindert Klem (4x) both finished in second place in the C finals. Mitchel Steenman (2-) finished fourth in the B finals, and Skadi was also represented by David Kuiper in the Holland Acht (M8+), which came fourth in the B finals. TF