The construction of the multifunctional education building (MED) has commenced. Mid-2015, students and scientists must be able to turn to the building for education or for a working spot, plus there will be shops.

The university is aiming high with sustainable energy supply in the new building; it will get, among other things, solar panels and three-layered insulating glass. Just like the Erasmus Pavillion, the MED will for a large part consist of glass panels. The university aims to express the ‘open character’ of the building currently under construction with this: inside and outside will merge as much as possible.

Shopping while studying

The objective of the building is varied. On the one hand, students can follow classes and working groups, and study by themselves in modern educational rooms and study spots with the latest technical gadgetry. Scientists too, can find a spot to work there. Whoever is fed up with studying or working for a while, can sniff around in one of the stores that will be there. It is yet unclear which retail entrepreneurs will get a spot, but the university will base that on a small research among students and employees about what the demand is.

The construction of the MED is part of the second phase of the project ‘Campus in Development’, which will run until May of 2016. Parts of it are, among others, the second part of the parking garage, the renovation of the university library and the realization of a new park at the north side of the campus. MvS