Job Cohen spoke in nothing but positive terms in September, upon reviewing the EUR together with a commission. Right at this moment it is official however, that according to the NVAO the university meets the additional conditions.

A clear vision about the quality of education was lacking, as well as the lack of a systematic policy for diversity and internationalization, the intertwining of academic research and education was not sufficient, and there was no clear measuring and evaluation of results. This was a sufficient indication last year for the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO) to demand improvement of these three points. The improvements were required in order to grant a positive evaluation for the Institutional test of Quality care (Instellingstoets Kwaliteitszorg). Last September, a new commission by leadership of former PvdA-leader Job Cohen, came to EUR in order to review to what extent the EUR has made progress on these three points.

A splendid culture of quality

And this happened to be the case, Cohen said upon the end of his visit. “The three conditions were met. You established a splendid culture of quality”, he said at the time. Moreover, the recently released NVAO report concluded positive as well. Previously, there was already a noticeable policy in many cases, however sufficient clarifications were lacking in policy documents. This has been sufficiently improved now, according to the advisory report. In addition, “significant improvements” were made on the points of internationalization, diversity, and the embedding of academic research in education. TF/LJa