The Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) will be offering a four-year double bachelor programme in Economics and Econometrics, taught entirely in English.

The initiative is not directly a result of something students had wished for. The faculty is being proactive in providing for ambitious students who are aiming for specialization in Economics and Econometrics. It is possible to combine the two studies because their curricula show considerable overlap: courses in Economics, Mathematics, Methods and Statistics are part of both programmes.

Combined schedule

Offering a double bachelor programme requires little effort from the faculty. Econometrics is being taught in English since last year, and the International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics (IBEB) was introduced in 2006. In terms of the annual planning, the two programmes will have to avoid schedule conflicts. This way, students will be able to receive two bachelor degrees after four years.

Unique programme

Just like the new mr.drs-programme (a joint programme from the faculties of Law and Economics), the double bachelor is unique in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, programme director Ivo Arnold dos not expect a wave of enthusiasm. After all, it is a challenging programme: “Only talented and motivated students will go for it. I would expect about ten to twenty students.” The participants can achieve 66 instead of 60 ECTS per year.

First-years can still enrol

The double programme will officially start in September. However, current Econometrics students (regardless of whether they follow the Dutch or English stream) can already make the switch to the double programme. The extra courses they are required to take are part of the second semester. Enrolment is possible starting on April 13. LJ