The latest results from the International Student Barometer (ISB) revealed that the Erasmus University Rotterdam is performing exceptionally well in terms of multiculturalism and social activities. However, international students at EUR are not satisfied with career advice, accommodation, and job opportunities.

Twice a year, the Erasmus University participates in the International Student Barometer (ISB), a worldwide survey of international student satisfaction covering the areas of arrival, learning, living and support. The ISB is the biggest survey of its kind, and a means for the Erasmus University to analyze its performance as perceived by international students and to improve its learning and living environment. A total of 413 international students at the Erasmus University completed the most recent ISB questionnaire, amounting to a response rate of 43%.

Number 1 for multiculturalism

There were several elements within each key area of international student satisfaction at the Erasmus University, which foreign students identified as very satisfactory. For instance, international students appreciate EUR’s multicultural environment. In fact, EUR was placed 1st out of 53 institutions across the world for multiculturalism. Given the wide range of nationalities represented on campus, foreign students at the Erasmus University find it rather easy to get in touch with other internationals and enjoy the opportunity to make friends with people from other cultures.  

Also number 1 for social activities

International students were also very satisfied with social activities as part of their living experience. Indeed, EUR was placed 1st in the Netherlands for social activities, and satisfaction levels regarding social activities have increased compared to last year. Students in Rotterdam thus appreciate the wide range of social activities that the city and the university have to offer.

Need for improvement

International students did, however, also identify some key areas within the Erasmus University that were less satisfactory, and suggest steps to improve these aspects need to be taken. First, the Erasmus University scores low on ‘careers advice’, and satisfaction levels have even decreased over the past few years, meaning international students would like to receive more support and guidance in the process of finding a job.

Expensive accomodation

Second, results from the ISB revealed that international students find the cost of accommodation to be very high, and students have a hard time finding decent accommodation. In fact, in terms of accommodation cost, EUR was ranked last out of the 53 institutions that participated in the ISB. The low satisfaction is mainly due to the perception that price does not match quality.

Hard time finding a job

Finally, some international students attach great importance to the possibility of earning money, but have a hard time finding a job considering that fluency in Dutch is often a prerequisite for working in the Netherlands. Satisfaction levels for ‘earning money’ were thus low and have unfortunately decreased over the past years. NL