What would Rotterdam look like in 2040? Or how should Rotterdam look like in thirty years? One hundred years after the bombardment of the city. Will all vehicles run on electricity? Will the Coolsingel be a canal again? What will be happening in South? And will the centre really be lively and social place? How do you, a resident, see the future of the city?

Challenge: Design a post card with the theme ‘Greetings from Rotterdam 2040’.

Prize: Your post card will go into production as a limited edition with 500 cards + you receive a book about Rotterdam’s future, Rotterdam 2040 by Gyz la Rivière.

Deadline: 2nd of May 2011

Specifications: A6 format (105x148mm) min. 300 dpi, file not larger than 2 MB. 

Jan Rotmans

This competition is part of the Rotterdam Lecture that is being held for the 10th time this year. Speaker Jan Rotmans, Professor of Transitions and Transition Management at the Faculty of Social Sciences, will voice his critical vision of Rotterdam’s future during his lecture.


The Rotterdam Lecture is on Tuesday the 10th of May 2011 and it will take place in the theatre of Rotterdam’s public library on Blaak. Opera O.T., HuMobisten and Farid Tabarki (host) are contributors. The lecture is organized by: Studium Generale, Erasmus Podium, Studentenpastoraat, Art.1, Erasmus Magazine and Initiatiefgroep 14 May.

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