Student mobility has skyrocketed the past decade and for good reason: Spending a term or a year abroad for your internship, minor or study exchange is a great experience and a great addition to your CV. Finding a place to live however can sometimes be a challenge.

Similarly, there is the problem of what to do with your current student room when you venture abroad for a while. The website helps bringing supply and demand together here in Rotterdam.

No fees

As a student you can post your room on this site, and students looking for a temporary place in Rotterdam can browse through the available rooms, most of which will be fully furnished. There is no middleman, except for the website itself, so there are no fees.

Renting in Holland

Icons on the map on the homepage indicate the locations of the available rooms. These are clickable for detailed information and to get in touch if you are interested. The FAQ section provides information about HousingAnywhere and some general information about renting a place in Holland.

Serious alternative

The site is in English and therefore accessible to all. HousingAnywhere is a serious alternative to the accommodation offered by Stadswonen, the university’s room supplier and will help fighting housing shortages in the future. KL