On 15 September the Vice-Chancellor of the EUR, Prof. dr. Henk Schmidt, officially welcomed all new international students at the university.

The welcome event is becoming a tradition, as this is the second year they are organised. Once again the welcome proved a big success.

Erasmus expert Prof. dr. J. Trapman enlightened the students about Desiderius Erasmus and his ideas. The president of ESN-Rotterdam, Adrien-Joseph Le Clef, introduced the students to (student) life in Rotterdam and activities ESN organises for the internationals.

On a less serious note, comedian Adam Fields had some interesting anecdotes about life in Holland seen through the eyes of a foreigner. The second part of the night consisted of a try of some well-prepared Dutch cuisine, followed by a party with a DJ and a performance by dance group ‘Erasmus Dance Company’.

A full programme in great atmosphere welcomed the EUR’s new international students (Michelle Muus)