In September the EUR experiences a massive influx of foreign students. There is not enough student housing available and as a result some of the international students can not be offered a place to live. A solution is in the making.  

It is not yet clear how many students can not be offered a place to live, because at this point, housing corporation Stadswonen is still busy matching students and housing. It is estimated that the number will be around two hundred, of whom 150 have not reacted to an offer by Stadswonen. Bas Takens of SSC Erasmus Facilitair Bedrijf does not know the reasons behind this. They may have found a place themselves or they may not be coming to Rotterdam at all. Therefore, the total number of international students seeking housing may be even higher. The shortage only exists in September though. During the second semester a part of the student housing units may possibly be empty.

Assigning the 520 available living units to students is done through a differentiation scheme: Students who stay for a full year get priority. After that it is a matter of being early enough for students to get a place while they are still available. Students who cannot be offered housing are given advice on how they can find a student room.

In addition, the EUR and Stadswonen are working together in reducing the housing shortage. In June for instance, an agreement was reached providing the university with 77 extra living units from another housing corporation for a five-month period starting on 1 September. The EUR has plans to realize a student housing complex for 300 students on the campus in the future. Before that however, international students will be able to move into the F building. A license allowing the EUR to use the building this will most likely be granted by the city of Rotterdam in January, creating 100 extra units on campus after a few last, minor adjustments to the building have been carried out.


Students who have been assigned a place to live pay a hefty price for that though. Rental prices seem high, but Stadswonen offers some extra services. The short stay units are reserved for international students, have furniture and are decorated, they have an internet connection and have been cleaned before the student arrives. The rent is all-in so there are no extra bills.

This all-in rent is 380 euro per month. The units also provide students bed linen and kitchen accessories. These are student rooms in the Touwslagerflat. The kitchen, toilet and shower have to be shared with one other student. More luxurious and fully equipped two-room apartments of City Appartments are also available and costs 806 euro per month, everything included. Furniture and other parts of the interior are relatively new, but will be replaced anyway when necessary.