What students expect of the labour market, depends on their background. Non-EU students are less positive than their EU counterparts. Students with job experience in the Netherlands tend to stay.

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International students wish to stay in the Netherlands after getting their degrees

80 per cent of the students expect to have difficulty finding a job in the Netherlands.

A lot of international students want to stay in the Netherlands after they graduate, but how’s their expectations on finding a job?


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‘The Netherlands is internationally oriented, but you do have to be able to speak the language’

International Erasmus University Rotterdam​ students talk about their career…

A lot of students expect it to be hard to find a job in the Netherlands, but how difficult is it actually? Three EUR alumni told us how they found their jobs in the Netherlands and what they expect their careers in the Dutch job market to be like down the track.


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How to find work in the Netherlands as an international student

‘Sometimes you have to be fortunate enough to be offered the right opportunity at the…

Doing an internship, arranging a visa, learning the Dutch language, developing extracurricular activities: a lot needs to be arranged to find a job in the Netherlands. What do international students do to prepare themselves for the Dutch labour market?


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Campus Talk: Are you prepared for a Dutch job hunt?

Werken in Nederland na je afstuderen, meer dan de helft van de internationale studenten…

Recruiters and career advisors explain the obstacles and opportunities international students face on the Dutch labour market.

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Are Dutch companies really on the lookout for all these international students?

Recruiters and career advisors explain the obstacles and opportunities international…