Early on in the corona crisis, the university set to work with proctored exams, where students can take their exams at home, but while they are filmed. Sometimes even the entire room is scanned for activity. Is proctoring a keeper?

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Filmed online exams: ‘The footage will be kept for six weeks’

In proctoring exams, students are filmed at home while doing exams. How does it work and…


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Big brother exams or more workload for lecturers? Balancing act for faculties

The faculties are all adapting their plans to keep the remaining examinations for this…

Not all higher education institutions participate in proctoring. At the University of Amsterdam, the university council files a lawsuit against the system (and loses), two universities of applied sciences don’t want to use proctoring.

big brother tentamen exam rachel sender smaller online proctoring

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Two universities of applied sciences prefer to pass on online proctoring

Monitoring students online while they sit exams at home? Avans UAS and UAS Leiden have…

What will the ‘one-and-a-half metre university’ look like? How many studentswill fit in a lecture hall and what other measures need to be taken on campus to ensure that everything runs smoothly?


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One-way traffic, half-empty lecture halls or taking people’s temperature at the door?

A ‘one-and-a-half metre taskforce’ is working on plans for the post-lockdown period.

One of the reasons for keeping higher education institutions closed for a long time is that students use public transport a lot. That is why the government does not want any physical lectures that require students to travel during rush hour.

Rotterdam CS

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Cabinet: ‘Students at any rate won’t be travelling during rush hours’

Universities are working on plans for the situation after 15 June. In a letter to…

Not only is education changing in a post-corona world, student life will also be drastically different.

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Student societies in lockdown: ‘We have become a little more serious’

What’s life like for student society members during the coronavirus outbreak? Are the…

RSG still

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Corona-proof drinks at the RSG society: ‘I really missed the drinking nights’

Since their fraternity house is open, student society RSG starts organising their regular…

The economic consequences of the crisis are also felt by students. Many lose their part-time job.


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Two in five EUR students have lost income due to coronavirus crisis

One in five students has lost their part-time job during the intelligent lockdown and…

It is widely appreciated that teachers have set up online education so quickly. Yet that does not mean that the education is always good. In a survey by EM, EUR students give digital education a meager fail.

Studentenleven in tijden van Corona

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EUR students give corona education a 5.2 out of 10; 80 per cent feel the quality has deteriorated

More than 80 per cent of EUR students feel that the quality of their classes has…