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“Many, many Rotterdammers were active in the slave trade, as part of the production of sugar, coffee, cotton, cocoa and tobacco. Rotterdam was very heavily involved in that”, Professor  of Caribbean History Alex van Stipriaan says in the first episode of Nooit Bewust Opgeslagen, a podcast on Rotterdam’s slavery past.

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How Rotterdam, too, was involved in the slave trade

'One might say that Rotterdam merchants were the pioneers of the Dutch slave trade.'

What do the statue of Piet Hein, Achterhaven 148, Lloydkade, Leuvehaven, and the Boompjes have in common? These are places in Rotterdam that have a link with the city’s slavery past.

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You can find stories about Rotterdam’s slavery past in these places

Rotterdam and its residents also played a role in slave trade history. The (economic)…

Of all people living in Rotterdam, 52.3 per cent have a migrant background. People have always migrated to and from colonies or former colonies, but a shift occurred in the mid-twentieth century, when more people arrived in the city than left.

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Migration to the city: do as the Dutch do?

Migration is more than just assimilation and integration, says historian Esther Captain…

Protest against the slavery system and its legacy is anything but new. It is as old as the transatlantic slave trade itself. Protests have long since reverberated through Rotterdam too.

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Students reminisce about racism protest: hopeful, but a long way to go

We still have a long way to go, these three students say. Yet the protest at the Erasmus…