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And besides all that, most residents also voluntarily review online stores, new gadgets, hotel beds, evening meals and whatnot.

But why? And what does it bring us? About these and many other questions about the sense and nonsense of the swarm of opinions that surrounds us, we bring you this summer special.


Six scientists tell us how much wiser we really get from all that reviewing.


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Six scholars talk about how much use all these reviews really are.

In his farewell column, Giorgio Touburg pleads for abolishing student evaluations altogether.

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Let’s get rid of the bloody things

Giorgio Touburg about the meaning and futility of student evaluations.

Online, the university and all its aspects are often reviewed. In this anthology we look for the most gorgeous reviews.


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EUR: ‘the best university’ ‘full of stupid people’

We’ve selected some of the most striking examples for your reading pleasure. “Got my…

Some students and employees are very experienced reviewers. EM spoke with some of them.


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‘Don’t kill my brain cells’

Halil Özkal is an experienced reviewer on Google. He hopes to inform future visitors of…


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‘Reviews are so chill’

Sifra Matthijsse is an absolute bookworm. With her reviews she hopes to help other book…

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‘I’m not a fanboy’

Rik Wehrens is a true metalhead and writes reviews for With his reviews he…

The review culture is not without danger, says philosopher Robin van den Akker. In this essay, he advocates a revaluation of the Good, True, and Clean.

This article will be published soon.

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Death of the critic

In this essay, philosopher Robin van den Akker argues for a reappraisal of the Good, True…

Tim de Mey, a theoretical philosopher, received a lot of feedback on his book The advantage of the doubt. The experience turned out to both educational and confrontational to De Mey.

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‘Getting savaged is painful’

Tim de Mey, associate professor of theoretical philosophy, talks about his experiences of…

Figures, evaluations and peer reviews: it can all be better.

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Columnist Moo Miero writes about prejudices, such as: “Why would you go to work if you can just be beautiful and earn money with doing utterly nothing?”


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Legally brunette

“Why work if you can just be pretty and earn money while doing nothing?”