We will look back and forward. The best photos and most interesting developments in the news will pass by. What was it like to study when the regular editors of EM were 20 years old? For who will 2020 be a special year? How did people end up who were featured in EM 20 years ago? What do 20-year-old news junkies of today think about media? Read it all in this Hello & Goodbye special.

EM of course doesn’t stop making news and telling beautiful stories about Erasmus University. In fact, we are committed to investigative, critical journalism and more debate within the university. Of course, you’ll read about it on erasmusmagazine.nl.

For twenty long years, the problem of too few women at the top of academia has been at the top of the agenda of the academic debate, and hardly anything has changed for those twenty long years. The university also knew many strange – and sometimes controversial – visitors. And now and again, EM deems the zeitgeist wrong.

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Twenty years of academic news

‘Demographic change doesn’t have to be forced,’ as Young Liberals (JOVD) president…

In the section ‘When I was 20’ the permanent editors of EM reflect on their own time as a student, now one, two or more decades ago. Senior editor Gert van der Ende writes about a random day in the life of a random student in the early 1980s. Editor-in-Chief Wieneke Gunneweg describes phone calls in the student house of the 90s: call duration meters, Kermits and having sex while your mother calls. Web coordinator Elmer Smaling went to study History in the week of 9/11 and ten years later editor Jasper Monster went to college in his favourite NBA outfit.


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Time was on our side (yes, it was*)

EM editor-in-chief Gert van der Ende was twenty years old in the 80s.


Unable to take a call

EM editor-in-chief Wieneke Gunneweg was twenty years old in the 1990s.

EM no longer appears on paper, but only online. That is very much in fashion right now, but how do the coming news junkies actually look at this phenomenon? EM spoke with five 20-year-olds about their media policy. “Or can I imagine that I’m going to pay for journalism? Maybe later, if I have work.”


Part 1

‘I think that paper newspapers will be gone by 2020’

A new generation of news junkies. EM asked five 20-year-olds about their views on media.


Part 2

‘EUR should offer students a free newspaper subscription’

A new generation of news junkies. EM asked five 20-year-olds about their views on media.

In twenty years of EM, beautiful and special photos passed by. These can now be admired at an exhibition in the Erasmus Pavilion, but also online. View the most beautiful pictures of our house photographers and others.


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20 years of academic life in pictures

A totally incomplete but wonderful impression of academic life in Rotterdam from 1997…