According to Rambam, a student with a head wound was taken to the hospital by ambulance, prospective members had to check each other’s anus for ticks and shoes were put on their heads. What went wrong during RSC/RVSV’s hazing period? And how do other associations deal with abuses during the annual initiation rituals?


‘Deplorable incidents during RSC’s hazing activities’

TV show Rambam reports that several incidents occurred during RSC’s 2017 hazing activities

Eurekaweek 2016 PAC festival Kralingse Plas donderdag (4)

University severs ties with RSC/RVSV, effective immediately

University severs ties with RSC/RVSV, effective immediately


RSC/RVSV is sorry that ties have been severed and partially acknowledges its own failure

However, the society has also pointed out that ‘incorrect facts’ were mentioned in…

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Rector: ‘I truly feel betrayed by the corps’

Rector Huib Pols about wrongdoings during RSC/RVSV hazing rituals: “They need to offer…


Rambam and RSC/RVSV: ‘Yes, you did’ versus ‘No, we didn’t’

The editors of TV show Rambam and the student society disagree on the ‘assault’ that…


Editorial: ‘Indignation over hazing activities is hypocritical’

Erasmus Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Wieneke Gunneweg, has a few things to say about…


Minister criticises rough hazing practices

“Physical boundaries must never be crossed,” the Minister of Education said. "This…


Student societies to draw up code of conduct for hazing rituals

The University Council is pressing for the drawing-up of a code of conduct. The Rector,…


How SSR had no choice but to overhaul its hazing rituals

Over the past few years, SSR has been working to modernise its introduction period – or…

Interviewskadi 5

Skadi to change its initiation weekend following complaint

The initiation weekend was said to be too demanding, rob first-year students of sleep and…

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Code of Conduct for Rotterdam student associations

The new Rotterdam Code of Conduct obliges student associations to create a safe…

Eurekaweek 2016 PAC festival Kralingse Plas donderdag (4)

RSC/RVSV not participating in Eureka Week. What does the student corps do instead?

The student society has been suspended due to abusive behaviour during the introduction…

‘RSC/RVSV has become more moderate’

A merger, incidents during the dejuvenation, a broken relationship with the university, a…