Dronken Erasmus uit Quod Novum – Rob Figee 1989

The cartoons were found by accident, but turned out to be a treasure. “The cartoons are of extremely high quality and give you a wonderful idea of what the university was like in those days.”

Dronken Erasmus uit Quod Novum – Rob Figee 1989

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Exhibition presents old cartoons about university life

Illustrations and cartoons published in former university weekly Quod Novum on view at…

The official opening of the gallery took place on the 19th of September. Were you unable to attent the opening? Then you can watch the video here!

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‘Old cartoons sketch a time of protest and democratisation’

The Illustratum exhibition shows old cartoons about the university. "You can clearly see…

In the time of Quod Novum, everything was still allowed to be published, from nipple to social critique.

Poot uitdraaien – Joop Verkamman

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Cartoonists had free rein at Quod Novum

Wieners, nipples and social critique at the exhibition of old cartoons from the…

Joop Verkamman and Rob Figee worked as illustrators for Quod Novem. How do they look back at their time working for the magazine?

Burgerlijke stand – Joop Verkamman

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‘We were the leftist court jesters in a right-wing bastion’

Some 21 and 32 years have passed since Joop Verkamman and Rob Figee submitted their last…

Read here how the current illustrators ikRotterdam think about their craft.

4 – ikrotterdam koordtekenaar

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The tight rope act

Speciaal voor de tentoonstelling Illustratum geven EM's illustratoren van ikRotterdam hun…

A strong woman with big arms lifting her pencil illustrates in the drawing of Rachel Sender the superpower of illustrators: reflection.

4 – Rachel power of illustration

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‘Illustrators have a superpower: reflection’

In light of the exhibition ‘Illustratum’, EM’s illustrators reflect on their craft.…

The broken pencil point and the empty sheet in the illustration by Esther Dijkstra symbolize the situation in the professional field.

4 – Esther potlood

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‘Media have become afraid’

EM illustrator Esther Dijkstra made an interpretation for the exhibition about…

And what is the importance of illustrations in journalism according to the editors?


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Why illustrations and independent journalism are inseparable

EM's editor-in-chief Wieneke Gunneweg and some of her predecessors about the value of…

Bas van der Schot’s (1970) political cartoons can be seen in de Volkskrant three times a week. He won the Inktspotprijs, the award for the year’s best political cartoon, twice (in 2002 and 2014). Van der Schot has been illustrating for university media since his student days, including Erasmus Magazine for some twenty years.

2 – zelfportret Bas van der Schot

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How an outsider’s pen can touch a nerve

Bas Van der Schot has been drawing for Erasmus Magazine, formerly Quod Novum, for twenty…