Kwestie EN – coronavirus pandemiegevaar – bas van der schot

The spread of the coronavirus does not make the university decide to take additional measures for the time being, the university announced on 29 January 2020. The university does, however, advice students and staff coming from China to the Netherlands or traveling from the Netherlands to China to monitor the sites of the Dutch government and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) for advice.

Markt Wuhan – wikimedia commons – sistema 12

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No additional measures against coronavirus at EUR for the moment

No students or staff members from Wuhan are currently at Erasmus University – or vice…

31 January: Erasmus University temporarily forbids its employees to travel to China and urgently discourages students to do so. The Executive Board (CvB) of the university has decided this based on the stricter travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs following the spread of the coronavirus.

Markt Wuhan – wikimedia commons – sistema 12

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University advises: do not travel to China

Students are strongly discouraged from traveling to China, while employees are not…

5 February: What does it mean when your family is stuck in Wuhan? Shihui Liu is a post-master’s student in Maritime Economics and Logistics at Erasmus University and is, as far as she knows, the only EUR student who comes from the city that is ravaged by the coronavirus.

shihui liu coronavirus wuhan

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Student’s parents stuck in Corona-stricken Wuhan

The viral epidemic means Chinese student Shihui won’t be able to visit her parents for…

6 February: Professor of virology Marion Koopmans investigates the outbreak and control of the coronavirus: “At SARS it was still a ten-year plan. Now we must succeed in making a working vaccine within four or five months.”

Kwestie EN – coronavirus pandemiegevaar – bas van der schot

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‘We can expect more outbreaks like the coronavirus’

Professor of Virology Marion Koopmans is currently researching the novel coronavirus…

Discrimination against Chinese students in Rotterdam is increasing, says CSA-EUR chairman Jingli Gao on the 11th of February. Since the beginning of the coronavirus news he has felt less safe in the street.

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Chair Chinese students association: ‘Discrimination is next level since corona’

CSA-EUR president Jingli Gao has seen discrimination against Chinese students in…

26 February: In the event of a possible corona crisis in the Netherlands, Erasmus University will follow the instructions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and RIVM. Universities in the north of Italy are now closed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. The same could happen here should the virus spread to the Netherlands. “Of course, we have contingency plans ready for use.

Kwestie EN – coronavirus pandemiegevaar – bas van der schot

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Dutch higher education prepares for coronavirus

In case of a corona-crisis in the Netherlands, Erasmus University would follow…

26 February: A student from Tilburg University was abused in a student complex on Saturday night. She was attacked by a group of men after she asked them to stop singing a carnival song about the coronavirus.


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Student abused for speaking up against corona carnival song

A student from Tilburg University was abused in a student complex on Saturday night. She…

A number of lecturers have considered refusing students who recently visited a corona area to their lectures and classes, turns out on the 27th of February. Hans Smits is worried about the ‘sentiment and the emotions’ surrounding the coronavirus. And as Board Chair, he emphasizes that turning away students is not an option.

wintersport skiën oostenrijk foto Elmer Smaling

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Turn away student from corona area at the lecture hall? No way

You’re not allowed to bar students returning from a ski trip to Northern Italy from…

On the 28th of February, two people in the Netherlands are infected with the coronavirus. Marion Koopmans, head of the Virology department at Erasmus MC, explained on Tuesday evening (when there were no infections yet) in Studio Erasmus what happens in an infection case.


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Total lockdown due to corona infections? ‘That’s not the policy in the Netherlands’

In Studio Erasmus, virologist Marion Koopmans explained what happens when it's determined…

On Friday 6 March, student association CSA organised a seminar on the increased discrimination against people of Asian origin. About 20 people attended the meeting in the Erasmus Pavilion.

Asian discrimination_Amber Leijen (2)

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Corona discrimination: ‘Most people complain about it on WeChat but don’t go to the police’

A seminar about 'next level' discrimination against people of Asian ethnicity in the…

On 9 March, stock prices worldwide fell sharply. Student association B&R Beurs, however, anticipated that the coronavirus would have an impact on stock prices, so the students had sold their shares on time. The students did not expect the corona epidemic to coincide with a price war on the oil market.

2020-03-09 Beurscrash beurs hal

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Falling stock markets, but our investment society B&R Beurs is doing fine

Stock markets are tumbling on the financial markets and shareholders are trying to get…

The corona epidemic is also having consequences for education at the medical faculty. From Friday 13 March, Erasmus MC will no longer be teaching groups of more than thirty students. Education involving physical contact will also be discontinued.


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Coronavirus: Erasmus MC stops large-scale lectures

Lectures with more than thirty students are suspended. This is to slow down the spread of…

The corona liveblog for Tuesday, 17 March about a new way of taking digital exams, Erasmus TV about the Binding Study Advice and playing tennis as the ultimate social distancing activity.

coronavirus mondkapje campus

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Tuesday’s liveblog: Corona and Erasmus University

Welcome to this live blog. I am Elmer Smaling, editor of Erasmus Magazine and in this…