Hiphop, spoken words, modern dance, stand-up comedy and so on, Stukanfest Rotterdam has it all. And all of that in multiple student rooms!

At Stukafest, student rooms in 13 cities will be transformed into theaters where music, dance, stand-up comedy, poetry, literature and theater blooms. A booming performance in between the college books and crates of beer, an intimate recitation under a bunk bed, or a comedian at the dining table. The night will exist of three rounds and an afterparty:

Ronde 1 – 20:30 tot 21:00
Ronde 2 – 21:30 tot 22:00
Ronde 3 – 22:30 tot 23:00
Afsluiting – 23:00 tot 04:00

Performances will be held by:
Verena // Ward // Pieter Jouke // Goslink // FABZ Pi // Chronos, // Amira Arawi // De Doelen // STOOKOLIE 010 // Mensen Zeggen Dingen // M. – Meerdaneenletter // Lewsberg // cafétheaterfestival Stukafest Nederland 3voor12 Rotterdam

Tickets are for sale through the following website:

The price of the tickets differs, depending on how long you want to enjoy the event. The prices are as follows:

One single round: €5,59
All three rounds: €13,19
Only the Stukafest (the afterparty):€5,59
Three rounds + the Stukafest: €15,79

For more information about the event, go to the following page: