I WILL Get in the Ring is a spectacular battle for the six teams that made it to the finals. Each one is represented by a spokesperson who will present their Big Plan in the ring. Each spokesperson will compete through several rounds, answering these four questions in a head-to-head battle with one other finalist:

• How does your plan relate to willpower?
• Who are you? Introduce your team.
• How will your big plan change society and inspire others?
• Why should your big plan win?

The competition will reveal who has the best big plan. Which opponent will come out on top? The jury selects a winner for each of the three rounds, then the three spokespeople get just one minute to convince the jury – and the audience – why they should win €15,000 to put their plan into action. In addition to the I WILL Award, there is also an audience prize of €2,000.


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