Donald Trump is back! And when Donald is back, you know for sure, then the voice of the Netherlands Second-video will also be back: Greg Shapiro. Shapiro is coming to save us. With his theatreshow Leaving Trumpland 2.0 he will help us survive the 2024 American presidential elections.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

That’s right. He did the same four years ago with his election special Leaving Trumpland (2020) and the year before with The Madness of King Donald (2019).

If Trump loses, we will leave Trumpland behind us forever. But what if he wins? Will Shapiro ever be able to return to his native country? Shapiro is asked again and again: “But don’t you want Trump to become president again?” His answer is the same as Mark Rutte once said in the White House: “Haha! No!”

Leaving Trumpland 2.0 is a mix of stand up and cabaret, with a Trump-inspired improvisation at the end.

About Greg

Greg Shapiro was involved in the founding of Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. He was a presenter of Comedy Central News on Comedy Central Netherlands and appeared on BNR, BNN-VARA, VPRO and the German ZDF. And yes, he is also known as the voice of Trump in The Netherlands Second video of Dutch tv-show Zondag met Lubach.

As an author he wrote, among others, How To Be Dutch: The Quiz and The American Netherlander: 25 Years of Expat Tales.

Leaving Trumpland 2.0 is English spoken, with a little bit of Dutch.


“Shapiro’s satire is sharp but never offensive, and therefore all the more convincing” – Theaterkrant

“A very sharp and dangerous edge (…). Highly recommended.” – Arts Talk Magazine


Date: Tuesday 10 September
Time: 20.00-21.30 hrs
Location: Theater Erasmus Paviljoen

Ticket information
Students: € 5
Employees: € 7,50
Regular: € 12,50

Organised by Studium Generale in cooperation with Greg Shapiro