The documentary The Gig is Up will be introduced by Professor Claartje ter Hoeven. She is the scientific director and coordinator of the interdisciplinary research and master programme ‘Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society’, connected to the ESSB strategy Meeting the Future Society.

Claartje about The Gig is Up by Shannon Walsh:
Fall in love with Jason Edwards, one of the millions of people working in the gig economy. He does microwork for a living. This mostly means fueling AI by labeling images, transcribing audio files, and cleaning data. In this documentary you will meet different people, working for food delivery platforms, Uber, and microwork platforms. With their hard work and precarious situation, they will show us the cost of convenience and how important it is to start taking care of platform workers.

In the documentary festival ‘AIDocs’ we will shed light on social and societal implications of technological developments. Four afternoons, we will broadcast a documentary and an expert Erasmus scholar will introduce the documentary and discuss it with the audience. For example, is Alice, the care robot, a helpful tool to diminish loneliness? And: how is gig work changing the future of work?

The Other Documentaries:
You Can’t Automate Me | AlphaGo | Alice Cares


More information:

  • Date: Thursday 22 September
  • Time: 16.00 – 18.00 hours (Doors open: 15.30 hours)
  • Location: Theatre Erasmus Paviljoen
  • Entrance: free, but reservations recommended


Organised by Studium Generale and Erasmus Initiative AIPact