The student tower was planned on the spot of a car park in the Little C neighbourhood, but the municipality failed to find 32 replacement parking spaces in the area. According to an internal letter from Woonstad to the municipality, this is a reason why the corporation ended the partnership. In addition, the municipality raised the land price for social housing, from 100 to 250 euros per square metre. According to Woonstad, this has a ‘negative effect on the financial feasibility’.

Exact location

The municipality and Woonstad also disagreed over the exact location. Woonstad wanted to move the building a few metres because of the metro tunnel that runs there, but the municipality did not comply. According to a spokesperson for the municipality, it involved a relocation of 25 metres and the consequences would be far-reaching. The spokesperson confirmed to the AD that the project is off the table.

Shortage of student housing

Rotterdam faces a severe shortage of student houses. Therefore, the municipality will build student houses on the Toepad in the coming years. Hundreds of new student houses will also be built in Brainpark and Prins Alexander.

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