Rental costs have increased substantially again this year. Amsterdam has been overtaken not only by Rotterdam but also by The Hague, where students now spend a few euros more on average: 618 and 614 euros per month. The cheapest university city is Wageningen, where rent averages 428 euros per month.

Relatively cheap

On average, students in Enschede pay an average 466 euros in rent. The main reason for the lower prices is because 63 per cent of the supply consists of rooms with shared facilities. With an average rent of 390 euros per month, these are the cheapest student accommodations in the Netherlands.

Shared accommodations are not only good for students’ wallets, but also for their mental health, argues Dutch Student Union vice-president Job Vermaas. They get to know more people and feel at home in the city faster.

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Housing policy

However, the amount of rent is not the only criterion of the Dutch Student Union rankings. The cities also get points for consultation, policy and information. On those points, Enschede scores better than, for example, Wageningen, number five on the list. Rental costs are lowest there on average, but housing policies leave a bit more to be desired.

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