Dijkgraaf sat at Op1’s talk show table because of  the student protests in Amsterdam. But the ongoing formation of a new government was also discussed, with speculation about the next prime minister and other ministers.

About that, Dijkgraaf said, “Everyone is sitting around talking very relaxed, but we are talking about my upcoming resignation date.”

Perhaps it is a go-ahead date, suggested presenter Carrie ten Napel. After all, there will have to be ministers again. “Will you be available when they form a new government?” No, Dijkgraaf replied with a smile. “I’m not going to be part of such a far-right cabinet.”

Chapter closed

Incidentally, last September, well before the elections, he already told the Higher Education Press Agency that he was closing the ‘chapter of ministry’. His own party, D66, was then at a loss in the polls.

Perhaps the presenter asked the question because Dijkgraaf only became a member of D66 when he was asked to be a minister. He might also be able to join a more technocratic cabinet. But Dijkgraaf apparently does not see that as an option.

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