The residences in question are so-called flex homes, meaning they are assembled in the factory and finished on-site. Each unit features its own kitchen, toilet, and bathroom, with a living space of approximately 18 square metres, accommodating a maximum of one student.

The student housing will be situated on Toepad, nestled between two allotment associations. To ensure convenient access from the university, a bridge will be constructed on the Toepad side, while improvements will be made to the bicycle path from Kralingse Zoom, enhancing safety.


Flexwoningen studenten Toepad studentenwoningen pijl_woonstadrotterdam
The location for the new student homes. Image credit: Woonstad Rotterdam

Woonstad aims to house students aged between 18 and 30 with these homes. Eligible students must be enrolled in a Rotterdam-based vocational school, university of applied sciences or research university. In addition to Dutch students, accommodations will be available for international students.

The housing corporation’s objective is to offer affordable housing for students, with rent expected to be approximately 450 euros for students under 23 and 650 euros for those aged 23 and older.


The exact completion date is yet to be determined. “While we’re not sure exactly when students will be able to move in yet, interested students can pre-register for housing from next year through Stadswonen”, said a spokesperson for Woonstad Rotterdam.

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