At the university of technology, social safety has been neglected, the education inspectorate wrote in a report. It allegedly concerned a case of ‘mismanagement’. The board responded furiously and threatened to go to court.

This has been met with indignation. In a petition, over 1,100 employees asked the board not to start a court case and take the inspectorate’s recommendations to heart. Trade unions and work councils didn’t see the merits of taking legal action against the inspectorate either.

The board ‘gratefully listened’ to the criticism. Which means there won’t be a court case after all, university magazine Delta writes.



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Inspectorate accuses Delft University of Technology of mismanagement: ‘Care for employees is being neglected’

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The board wants to work on a cultural change and has come to the opinion that a court case will not be beneficial to the ‘transition process’. “Let us put our energy into improving social safety together.”

The unions remain sceptical, reports Delta. They point out that some board members are nearing the end of their appointments and fear problems of continuity may arise.