Last Friday, the Delft University of Technology itself published a highly critical report by the inspectorate. The university did this to prevent people from hearing the news from the press, a spokesperson told university newspaper Delta.

In that report, the inspectorate accused the university’s administrators and supervisors of doing too little to combat social insecurity within the institution. There is ‘mismanagement’, according to the inspectorate. The minister demands an improvement plan within three months.

TU Delft believes the investigation is flawed and announced a lawsuit against the inspectorate. But nearly four hundred employees and students of the university don’t want this. In a petition they call on the administration not to go to court.

'Rather make a plan'

On the contrary, employees are glad that the inspectorate is putting the problem on the map, they say. “Rather use the time, effort and money for a good plan to strengthen social safety.”

According to the signatories, the fact that the administration wants to go to court proves that TU Delft’s managers put their own interests above those of the affected employees. “The social safety of employees deserves priority. We are disappointed and dissatisfied with the board’s response.”


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