Even at the Erasmus University, students do not always have sex safely. Almost everyone knows someone close to them who doesn’t always protect themselves or their sex partner. “Sometimes I really think, why didn’t you use something!”

But why? One student says he does understand the trend: “Women are only fertile for four days a month. I can understand taking that very small risk.” Someone else says: “If you’ve been drinking, you might be looser and be more likely to make the decision not to do it.” Yet another student actually thinks it’s due to social pressure: “I can imagine that people are embarrassed to bring a condom or to ask their partner to put one on.”

Students recognise that image: “I see this happening all the time, that men in particular don’t really feel the need for condoms.” Another student agrees: “I did experience once that my partner and I each felt differently about it. Then I said: ‘if you don’t want to do it with a condom, we won’t do it at all'”.

It’s hard when both parties look at the use of contraception differently. “But the most important thing is to talk to your partner about what you both like.”


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