A student confesses to the love priest the story of her first crush. “His name is David. I told my sister about it, who was friends with his sister. After that, everyone in our primary school heard about it, I was five and it felt to me like the world ended!”


“IBA and IBEB students are the biggest red flags,” one student replies to Pauline’s question about the men of which study set off the loudest alarm bells. “They tend to be very ‘fratty’ and of the finance bro type,” she explains. Pauline also asked students about their Valentine’s Day plans. “I don’t have anything, but maybe I will celebrate Galentine,” says one student. “That’s when lonely women get together and celebrate Valentine’s Day together.”

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Celebrating Galentine’s Day: ‘You’re building a bond with people that you’re going to be lifetime friends with’

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