Two students said they would vote for D66, having already decided to do so before the debate. As one of them put it: “Now that the debate is over, I’m even more convinced. I thought [party leader] Rob Jetten performed really well.” His friend held a different view. “Well, I’m not Rob Jetten’s biggest fan, but I really like the party.”

Another student’s preference was for the Farmer-Citizen Movement, the BBB. “My main concern is the ability to buy a house, so I listened to what the parties had to say about that. And I believe Caroline van der Plas’s BBB is most closely aligned with my views.” A fourth student had made up her mind in favour of a new party: New Social Contract. “I think the time is ripe for something new.”

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Floating, strategic and confident voters at debate: ‘Maybe I will only decide in the voting booth’

At the EFR/EenVandaag election debate in Ahoy, many students are still letting themselves…


A fifth student had used a vote match tool. The advice was clear-cut: “The BIJ1 party was a 98 per cent match.” Another had also used a number of vote match tools, but was not sure whether his vote would be guided by them. “Some of the statements were extremely specific.”

The last student interviewed was still undecided who she would vote for, but she had already dismissed around 50 per cent of the candidates: “I’ll be voting for a woman, I just don’t know who yet.”

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Poll: GroenLinks-PvdA victory at Erasmus University

If it is up to the EUR community, GroenLinks-PvdA will be by far the biggest party in…