Following the shooting incident at the hospital, in which teacher Jurgen Damen was killed, both teaching buildings are currently unusable. In the education center of the Faculty of Medicine, suspect Fouad L. set fire, and in the other building the shooting took place. “We have to see how we can solve this for students,” said Maarten Frens, vice-dean at Erasmus MC. “During the corona crisis we gained experience with online education, but we don’t know at this point if that’s going to be necessary.”

The planned progress test for master’s students in Medicine on campus Woudestein will go ahead. But students are not required to take that test. “They will not suffer any consequences from that,” Frens stressed. “They don’t have to worry, we will solve it.”


Students, staff and others who feel the need to talk about the incident can visit the Living Room in the Langeveld Building from 2 to 5 p.m. Friday afternoon or a private meeting elsewhere in the city.

The suspect also shot his neighbor and her 14-year-old daughter on Heiman Dullaertplein Thursday afternoon. The woman died at the scene, the girl later in the hospital. He then left for Erasmus MC where he shot the teacher, who was teaching at that moment. He was arrested under the hospital’s helipad.


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