Generally, students rate the Eurekaweek very positively with ratings from 9 to 11 out of 10. Although, Biana, a research master’s student in Sociology thinks differently. “I would say this week has been a 7 out of 10, just because the jet lag is affecting me a lot.” Many students share the best activity that they attended during Eurekaweek. For Carla and Lucia, both Psychology students, it was sailing. “That was really fun. We crashed into another boat and there was a hole in it afterwards. Whoop!”

Stathis, a Neuroscience master’s student, shares his first encounter with the Dutch weather. “I did not have a least favourite activity, but the weather was definitely not in our favour during our brunch at Skadi on Wednesday morning. It started to pour so I need to get used to the Dutch weather.” Law student Ard confesses that he got kicked out of activities a few times. “I’m underage but I drink sometimes, so I get kicked out. But it doesn’t matter, I’m still having a lot of fun!”

Unexpected meetings with other people were Economics student Juliana’s favourite part of the week. “We met people through biking because they would just get lost in the city and drunk so that was really funny.” For Biana, the week was ‘one of a kind, but the best kind to be part of’.