Ben Bauerdick, an incoming Economics student, mentions how he is interested to join the badminton team. “I used to play badminton for years before so I’m interested to see the badminton association here.” Off Adinda goes to badminton association B.V. Erasmus! Ben gets to show off his badminton skills even though the challenge is unfortunately too difficult to do.

Another incoming Economics student, Dave Wiggers, is actually interested in videography and thankfully, EM is having vacancies for aspiring videographers to join the world of journalism. Whilst he considers it an amazing opportunity, Dave seems like he needs a little bit of convincing before joining the EM team. “I am hesitant, but I will definitely keep my eyes peeled on it.”

Raechel Bekker and her best friend, both students of Erasmus University College, are super excited to see the party life that Rotterdam has to offer. So, Adinda obviously takes them to ESN Rotterdam who hosts all the amazing parties throughout the year. They conclude that Adinda’s detective skill is a 10 out of 10.