At the Eat and Greet at the Binnenrotte, EM lets Eurekaweek participants choose: single or in a relationship? Camping or glamping? Barbie or Oppenheimer? They have to guess the preferences of their new friends.

Camping vs glamping

For a while, student Antigone thinks about the question of camping or glamping. “I don’t even know what glamping is”, she says. Her group-mate Hannah laughs. “I think she doesn’t know the word glamping because she always stays in hotels. So I guess she prefers glamping”, says Hannah. “That’s right”, says Antigone.

Single vs in a relationship

“I would say he is single”, says law student Trinidad about her group mate Ryan. “That’s true!”, he responds. Now he has to guess whether Trinidad is also single. “You strike me as someone who is in a relationship, but I think you recently became single.” Trinidad nods. “It’s one hundred per cent correct.” Now that they are both single, could they be interested in each other? Laughing, they both say: “Maybe!”

Oppenheimer vs Barbie

“You are definitely a Barbie guy”, says Psychology student Simone to fellow student Roel. Roel enthusiastically confirms. “I haven’t been to Oppenheimer yet, but I’ve seen Barbie three times.”

Student Noah actually likes Oppenheimer better than Barbie. “But on the other hand, I’m actually named after Ryan Gosling”, he explains. Gosling plays Ken in the Barbie film. His mother has been a fan of Gosling since he starred in the film The Notebook. “Gosling played the role of Noah in that film. And I was named after that character.”