Everyone from various nationalities got to join and experience how it is to create an authentic Italian tiramisu. An Italian chef taught the participants how to do it. This event was hosted at La Vita è Bella, an Italian deli located at Oostplein.

Prepared by a chef

Everyone was welcomed with delicious Italian panini before everyone gathered together to start preparing the tiramisu. There are several steps to making an authentic tiramisu, yet luckily all the ingredients were already prepared. The most important one is always the mascarpone that makes the cream.

The first step is to use the white part of the eggs and then mix it with the mascarpone to create consistency. Now, mixing the eggs and cream is the most challenging part of the whole tiramisu cooking process. Luckily, none of the participants had to do it by hand, since there was a mixer available. Dmitry Pekov, a Business Administration student, was very happy with that. “Beating the eggs would take me two hours, so get a mixer or you can also train your muscle.”

Assembling the tiramisu

After that, it’s all about assembling the tiramisu, which is the most exciting part of it all. Everyone dipped long fingers cookies in espresso and assemble it with the cream that they just created. The next step is to put cocoa powder and voila! You have your homemade authentic tiramisu. “Now this was my first time making a tiramisu so I definitely needed some tips”, Adinda said. Anne Marie Trigemini, a Business Administration student, shared her tips when it comes to making Italian delicacies. “First of all, you should have fun and make it with love. Be careful with the recipe but overall it’s never really that complicated and will end up delicious as always.”


The experience overall was very fun and lighthearted where everyone also just bonded with each other. “We get to bring our tub of tiramisu home which I ended up finishing immediately after I finished my dinner. So, how hard can making tiramisu be? I would say an overall 5 out of 10 but bear in mind that this is just because we had the mixers to help us beat the eggs. If that technology does not exist, it is definitely a solid 10/10 effort”, Adinda concluded.

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