I did not dream last night
Or even the weeks before.
Since flowers bloomed from ice and fall
And falling sleep cut time despite
Change: like the spin of a wheel might
Raise the sun near a full bright call
And soon will it fall, to then freeze our core, to then rise for more
No, I did not dream last night.


But I am grounded in reality
And in faith of what I am aware
As tides crash from within calamity
From a moon moldy nature and the laws that we care.
That this life we live of polar duality
Brings heaven death and punishes what we spare.


I did not dream last night
Or even the weeks before
As I’m awake to excite
All that life will bring in the summer and awe.


I did not dream last night
Because I know that life has more.

Will about his poem: “This poem follows the poetic style an Italian sonnet. With a repetitive and almost staccato rhythm, brought upon from the repetition of the rhyming words, this poem attempts to draw attention to the anticipation and longing for a dream-like summer holiday. The constant inability to get to sleep, emphasized in the repeated line I did not dream last night is brought by an initial shock of insomnia and that fearful realization. However, the poem elaborates on this concern to its core, being that the nerves of not being able to sleep are in anticipation for the summer holiday to come. I hope you all embrace your break and take a moment to commend yourself for all that you might’ve accomplished this last year and find grace in all that makes you sleep easy.”

Will Makin poem video Occupy 5.2023

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