Medical intern Süheyl Uyar went to Turkey twice since the earthquake, first to help survivors in a clinic and then to distribute funds, donated in Rotterdam, to families in need. “They were very grateful,” he says during a bake sale for Turkey in the Erasmus Sport building. “But some didn’t even want to take the money, because they were ashamed of their situation.”

Danger of collapse

Student Hazem Omran joins in the studio and recounts what happened to him last week. He had to leave his house in the middle of the night because the facade of his building is not safe, according to the municipality, and the house could collapse. Since then he has been staying with friends, but by now he is done with that. “I’m really tired of not having a home, but I’m trying to stay positive. Hopefully I can go back home soon.”

Also in EM TV: students Li and Lena show their apartment with a roof terrace, according to them the cosiest student house in Rotterdam.