It was a regular Tuesday afternoon for students to finish off their day by spending the time at the gym. Some students were heading to their sports classes and others were just enjoying meals at the Erasmus Sports cafe. The sports building opened four months ago now, how are students enjoying the new facilities?

Tuna Sandwich

Ben Gabrovic, an International Business Administration student, shared his favourite menu at the cafe. “Today is my classic tuna sandwich and it’s 2,50 euros. It is one of the best meal deals you will get, two sandwiches for 5 euros.”


The Erasmus Sports building can get very jam-packed during the gym rush hour at around 5pm. Isa Kemal Ergeni, also an International Business Administration student, shared his thoughts on what he thinks about this and how the issue can be improved. “There are many students here so there is not much that can be done. Maybe they can reopen the old gym center to prevent overcrowdedness.” Idilay Kaymaz, a Medicine student, also made a comment about the temperature issue at the building. “Sometimes it gets really hot in the room, but they do have a fan so it’s okay then. It’ because there are no windows and when it’s crowded and everyone’s sporting, it can get really hot.”

Jacuzzi and pool table

Other students also think there are more fun ways on how the university could improve the new building. A Business Administration student, Mikhail Sabino Malixi, mentioned how it would be fun to have more games as an addition. “It would really be more homey to add a pool or a billiards table”. Another Business Administration student, Ashvyn Naethan Selvanandam, thinks that they can also add more luxurious amenities to the new sports building. “Maybe a jacuzzi or a sauna.”