The government is cushioning the effect of the high energy prices for citizens by means of a price cap: a maximum price for energy up to a particular level of consumption per energy connection. Last year, the government paid out a one-off allowance of two times 190 euros. But tenants who share a connection with others – such as students – risked not being able to benefit from that.

1.600 euros

In November, Minister for Climate and Energy Policy Rob Jetten decided that they too would receive help. He announced the amounts on Wednesday. Tenants of ‘self-contained’ apartments with a block connection for gas and/or electricity get at least 1598 euros. In that case, students without their own front door can get 670 euros.

Owners or managers of housing complexes with a block connection can apply to the Tax and Customs Administration for the money in two rounds, probably starting in February. The student housing providers are still considering precisely how and when to set the amounts off against the monthly service charges. Depending on how energy prices develop, the amounts could be a little higher in the second round.

380 euros

The government had already indicated in December that households with block connections would also get compensation for missing out on the one-off allowance of two times 190 euros. If they have a block connection for electricity, tenants of self-contained residential units will get 380 euros. For non-self-contained residential units the amount will probably be lower.


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