Gabry studied Psychology and Law at the University of Groningen and obtained her PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam for a study on the conceptualisation and operationalisation of insecurity perception. She worked at Leiden University and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, before returning to Erasmus School of Law in 2015, first as Assistant Professor in Criminology and since 2021 as Associate Professor in Criminology within the Department of Law, Society & Crime.

Gabry had broad interests and sought connection and innovation in teaching and research, for example, she set up and coordinated several interdisciplinary research projects and made extensive use of visual data and methods. Gabry was very active within the faculty, for instance she was part of the Faculty Council for several years and was programme director of Bachelor’s programme in Criminology. Gabry was extremely driven in her work, and with her passion for the subject and for teaching, she managed to enthuse both colleagues and students. She was a very nice colleague and was much appreciated for her energy, compassion and genuine interest in everyone.

Gabry will be greatly missed by all of us.

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