Under the guidance of instructor Harvinder Chahal, a total of fifteen students participates in the class. The aim of this class is to calm the body, the breath and the mind. Chahal emphasises how the exercise can be beneficial to students. “Many of our students might deal with a lot of anxiety and depression, so with this exercise, I hope to help them cope with it,” she says.

Breathing exercises

The exercise starts with the ‘sun salutation’, which requires participants to stretch their bodies while doing breathing exercises. “The sun salutation is meant to synchronise the breath with the movements,” Chahal explains.

Phuong Nguyen, a second-year Management of International and Social Challenges, loves this yoga class. “I try to do it every week because I really enjoy it. After this, I always feel very relaxed.”

How hard was it?

Adinda is not familiar with yoga or meditation, but she did not find the class too difficult and gives it a 4.5 out of 10. The challenge lies in getting used to the rhythm and exercises. As this was her first time, she had to watch the instructor’s movements all the time, which sometimes distracted her a bit. She particularly recommends this class for students after a long, hard working day.