We stopped by the rocks
Having rowed on our clocks,
Landed on a sun-set
That morning was our bed-rest.

The town was truly ours
As time was all our own,
Like the sea when floating hours
In that moment we were home.

Oh what a way had we spent our time.

Landing on the shore
With a crowd that has a roar,
Rowing without stopping
To that ship that was still rocking.

New faces were in sight
As we’re stringing up the sail,
Heaving with our might,
Catching our next whale.

Oh what a way were we spending our time.

As I stare off the bow
I see the future that will be now,
There’s a grey that will arrive
And I know my heart will be deprived.

Oh my crew is silent with despair
The waves rocked all our ease,
Oh I’m kneeling in prayer:
My god, this wind is not a breeze.

Oh what way will I spend my time?

Will Makin studies at Erasmus University College and writes a poem for Erasmus Magazine every month. He explains what the poem is about:

“I’ve tried to characterize the feeling of being in the moment and capturing the essence of this feeling in its true nature: summer. Peace and calm disrupted by riotous and dawn breaking escapades with familiar and strange friends are, I’m sure, a common feature of being truly free, and on holiday. I attribute this feeling to the first two parts of my poem, and attempt to allegorize this freedom through the representation of a shipping sailing free to wherever.

“Inevitable, we get back to studying (‘stringing up the sail’) and prepare for the future, very well knowing what’s ahead of us: deadlines and exams. This ‘grey arriving’ is something we will all face, and it’s up to everyone to prepare accordingly for the known future. Whether you choose to ignore fate or be best prepared, it is arriving.”

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